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Indoor Heated Pool

Our swimming pool has everything you need to boost your energy levels. The heated pool is 9.5m long and 5m wide with the deepest point of 1.4m. The swimming pool is heated to lovely 32-33 degrees and it's perfect for swimming with babies and kids.It has steps to enter the pool. We have also have a changing area, shower and toilet.

We use bromine as a sanitiser which is more gentle to skin and works better in higher temperatures.

Before booking please read all our POOL RULES.

Swimming Pool Rules:

  • One confident adult swimmer to every non swimming child (safety is our top priority)

  • No shoes at all inside the pool area (please take off your shoes and all outdoor clothing-jackets, coats in entry room)

  • PLEASE SHOWER and wash before using in the pool 

  • Babies and toddlers MUST wear a double nappy system. The hire will be immediately terminated if this is found to be breached or there will be no re-booking. 

  • No glass to be brought into the premises

  • No alcohol to be consumed at our premises

  • Do not drink pool water

  • Do not use the pool as a toilet

  • If you have had diarrhoea, don’t swim for 14 days (lets postpone your booking)

  • No eating on the premises

  • Do not run or dive


  • White door between entry room and changing room to remain closed at all times

  • Park on our drive way where instructed to

  • Floor vents are for air and not drains

  • Report any  incidents or accidents immediately 

  • Report any items used from first aid kit immediately

  • No electrical sockets to be used

  • Smoking allowed only outside, please do not smoke inside

  • Be familiar with emergency doors and assembly point

  • Residential area please keep outdoor noise to a minimum

  • Only water in reusable plastic bottles are allowed poolside 

  • Do not enter the pool with open wounds or sores 

  • No plasters in the pool

  • Long hair to be tied back

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